Welcome at Club Fouquet

Link your name to the KMSKA and find resonance: in Antwerp, Flanders and worldwide!
Choose your formula from our various partnerships. In doing so, you will support a new project in the museum every year. Whichever palette you choose, you will always be in exquisite company. Accompanied by the great masters of the fine arts.

Our packages

Palette Rubens

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With this palette, you will enhance the museum. In return, the museum will enhance your image. For a period of three years, we will welcome you in grandeur and with open arms. Visibility, exclusivity and goodwill in an inviting setting.

Within Palette Rubens, you can count on an exclusive communication and hospitality package to highlight the partnership. 

Palette Ensor

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We will treat you to enticing benefits. For a period of three years, you will be closely involved in all activities and will be able to use our facilities for networking and image building. 

Within Palette Ensor, we will roll out the red carpet for you for a period of three years. And we will enhance your image through visibility and goodwill. At events, you will always be in the front row.  

Palette Alechinsky

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You will become a valued member of our Club Fouquet. This membership opens the door to art-oriented networking with like-minded souls.  

Within Palette Alechinsky, you will take part in exclusive activities such as openings, networking moments, lectures, for a period of three years. With the KMSKA as your backdrop.  

Project partner

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Would you rather invest in a specific project that is closely linked to your social goals? The restoration of a masterpiece, a workshop for children or a participatory and innovative project? 

We will gladly work out this formula with you. 


Exclusive events

As a partner of the museum, you can take part for free in all sorts of exclusive networking activities, including openings, a dinner and Artist in Residence events.

KMSKA thanks its Finest Partners