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Seven centuries of art: from Flemish Primitives to Expressionists. World-famous masters. The largest and most important collections of James Ensor and Rik Wouters. Yet the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp is much more than even this internationally renowned collection of art. The KMSKA is the only Flemish museum with high-level scientific status.

Not only are we responsible for conserving, managing and expanding our collection, we also carry out scholarly research into the works, the techniques used, colour, visual language and more besides. In doing so, we challenge received wisdom. We share our newly acquired interpretations with the public, enriching the knowledge of art lovers. The KMSKA operates according to the charter of ICOM, the International Council of Museums.

The Finest Museum: Ten Reasons Why

  1. The KMSKA is home to countless Flemish masters: many of the art works on show were ‘Made in Flanders’.
  2. No fewer than 111 works in the collection are on the Flemish Government’s official Masterpiece List.
  3. Top international names like Fouquet, Titian, Alechinsky, Modigliani, Rodin and Chagall, to name just a few, have a global appeal.
  4. The world’s largest collections of work by James Ensor and Rik Wouters put the KMSKA on the map as the home of modern art pioneers and of revolutionary art.
  5. With its thrilling symbiosis between the powerful new volume and the historic galleries, the new museum building is an architectural gem.
  6. The KMSKA is one of the few Flemish museums with a conservation studio of its own.
  7.  The KMSKA is an internationally renowned research institution too.
  8. With our Artists in Residence programme and cross-overs with the wider cultural sector, the KMSKA has emerged as a breeding ground for outstanding new talent.
  9. The Museum Garden is a gallery in its own right: a green oasis, which brings local people together and offers a tranquil haven in this lively district.
  10. The Finest Feeling shines through in everything we organize, do and represent: a positive emotion that truly affects people. 

The Finest Mission


The KMSKA manages an outstanding collection of visual art from the Southern Netherlands from the 14th to the 20th centuries, supplemented by international masterpieces. Within the grandeur of an inspiring historic building, we make this art tradition accessible to a wide audience. We share our knowledge on a human scale, through stories that amaze, enrich and connect.

The KMSKA connects

We’re a meeting place. We connect people across generations and cultures.

The KMSKA amazes

We seek innovation within traditions. That’s how we amaze our visitors. We challenge them to reflect. On themselves too. This will keep our heritage up to date and relevant.

The KMSKA enriches

We enrich our visitors through our inspiring approach. It is in dialogue with them that we will grow.

The Finest Vision

The KMSKA is a museum of European excellence:

We focus on providing a high-quality leisure experience. In doing so, we cherish traditions and respond to new trends. We add an extra dimension to the classic museum experience through exhibitions with a 'must-see' signature. To this end, we take a multidisciplinary approach to our collection. We are hospitable and create a warm environment that stirs up emotions. 

We promote the KMSKA as the centre of expertise for James Ensor. We expand our leading position by further investing in research into materials, documentation and the sharing of knowledge. We play a pivotal role in the research on Rubens, in collaboration with Antwerp partners.

We form an enthusiastic and professional team, and convey this to our visitors, partners, authorities and other museums. We are willing to learn. We actively involve our audience in our operations. 


The Finest Values


Just like the artists in our collection, we sometimes colour outside the lines!


We wish to know everything and share our knowledge with you.
We also like to listen to you.


We create a warm environment that stirs up emotions.
Everyone is welcome!


Gusto drives us, humour binds us.


We are open to other ideas and opinions.
Every conversation starts with respect.

The team

The team is working on the concrete elaboration of the new museum. From researchers to public workers, from conservators to the museum library staff. Meet the museum staff and discover how they are building the new museum.

Raad van Bestuur

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the museum’s general policy. The measures and decisions it takes are aligned with the museum’s mission, objectives and continuity. This occurs in close cooperation with the Executive Committee. The board of directors has 11 members: Luk Lemmens (chairman), Caroline Bastiaens (Deputy Chair), Jan Braeckmans, Dirk Bulteel, Ingrid Gonnissen, Virginie Lietaer, Lara Paemen, Guy Peeters, Ingrid Stevens, Steven Verachtert and Dirk Vandekerckhove. 

The new KMSKA will be an ambassador for Flanders. With its bold architecture and its world-class collection. And by giving contemporary relevance to centuries-old art. As the newly appointed Chair of the Board of Directors, I am delighted to be able to contribute to this fascinating story.
Luk Lemmens, Chairman Board of Directors
Raad van Bestuur
Carmen Willems, algemeen directeur KMSKA

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries out the strategy as formulated and reports to the Board of Directors. It is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the museum. The Committee’s work included supporting the Collections, Exhibitions, Business Management, Marketing & Development teams. Carmen Willems is General Director. 

The new museum will be a high-profile place where art, heritage, architecture and public alike inspire and strengthen one another. The museum invites you to experience, to feel and to experiment. Space for participation and personal interpretation make every visit a unique experience.
Carmen Willems, Managing Director
Carmen Willems, algemeen directeur KMSKA


This team is responsible for preserving, managing and expanding the collection as well as the conservation of the artworks. It maintains and expands the library and archives to support the collection. The team also conducts research into the collection, resulting in fresh art-historical insights. The museum shares this knowledge with the public.

The museum is steadily developing into a competence center for visual art from the Southern Netherlands. We enthusiastically share this knowledge with the outside world. In this way, lovers of art can view and interpret our works, many of them centuries -old, with new eyes and understanding.
Nico Van Hout (Head of Collection Research)
Tentoonstellingen & Publiekswerking


The exhibitions team organizes temporary presentations both within and beyond the museum. These  exhibitions explore art-historical themes in greater depth and offer new insights into artists, their techniques and their visual language. Through targeted outreach, the team builds bridges between Flemish cultural heritage and the public at large.

Why did an artist make this precise work? How did he or she approach it? What message does the work seek to convey? Our theme exhibitions introduce visitors to the story behind the art so that they can view familiar works with fresh eyes. New insights into the art and the artists alike that enrich them.
Veerle De Meester, manager exhibitions
Tentoonstellingen & Publiekswerking
Marketing & development

Marketing & Development

The goal if this teal is to introduce as many people as possible in an inviting way to the museum and to the collection. It does do by developing campaigns aimed at a diverse public, from young to old, from tourists to locals. At the same time, this work consolidates the position of the KMSKA as a top museum, both nationally and internationally.

We are proud of our museum. It has assembled a world-class art collection, which we want as many people as possible to enjoy. From local art lovers to international tourists. And not just once: we aim to create a close relationship with the outside world. To make our museum a meeting place you want to return to again and again.
Birgit Pluvier, Head of Marketing
Marketing & development

Business Management

A professional back office is indispensable to keep the organisation running. This team keeps its finger on the pulse in the areas of finance & budget, personnel management and IT. The focus of this team is strictly on optimising business processes and organisation-wide support.



This team is responsible for the professional management of the building, security and infrastructure. With a view to the cultural-historical value of the building and the safety and comfort of all users. 

Exceptional beauty: that is the central theme of our museum. The new building plays an important role in this. It allows you to enjoy the works even more, to experience them in ideal settings. Because in the right setting, you don't just look at works of art, you experience them.
Wouter Covens, Facility Manager



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Anna Bijnsgebouw
Lange Kievitstraat 111-113 bus 100
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
T +32 (0) 3 224 73 00

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The museum does not carry out valuations and does not issue certificates. If you have any questions about authenticity and value, please contact the art trade, experts or auction houses.

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The museum is currently closed for renovations. The staff can be reached during office hours. 

Library and Archives


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