The entire KMSKA team is just as impatient as you are. We are working hard so that we can show you - within one year - our unique collection of masterpieces in a splendid historical & new building. In a novel and surprising way. We are very ambitious. We will amaze, enrich and connect.

Throughout the year, we will be counting down the days. And we want to take you with us to the front row. On the website, we will regularly provide a glimpse of what you can expect from us. We call it The Finest Feeling. And where better to experience it than in the Finest Museum in the land! Can you feel it already?

So count down with us to all the milestones that lie in our path in the coming year. And to your long-awaited visit to the KMSKA.

The Finest People

The KMSKA is a story of many actors. Of people. We count on our partners each and every day. Together with them, we are building the finest museum and we will be able to realise our grand ambitions. Thanks to them, the KMSKA will become much more than a showcase for art.

Artists in Residence 

There are over twenty of them. Vigilant minds who challenge us to keep centuries-old art relevant. Each of them gets to work on the collection, the building or the museum operation. In the coming year, you will get to know them all (even) better.

"The KMSKA is a dream. Images alternate, themes repeat themselves. Desires, sadness, frustrations, love, death... In the silence between the shuffling of feet, you can hear the artist speak. I want to give shape to my dream, to put it on stage. To touch the audience by looking at art with them through my eyes. And in doing so, to discover something new, something different. With me or perhaps in spite of me. "
Dimitri Leue, Artist in Residence
Dimitri Leue - Artist in Residence
Sarah Carlier - Artist in Residence

The Finest Hundred

From no fewer than 4,700 candidates, 100 participants were given the opportunity to test everything we develop for the public, during a two-year period. This test group is critical and works hard. It delivers fascinating insights. This way, we remove as many teething problems as possible even before opening. Because we are prepared to do everything - and that means everything - to give you the 'Finest Sentiment'.

"It is easy to find trouble spots in the halls. Yet it is rather tricky: for now, the course is limited, so it is quite easy. What if the museum is once again full of paintings? Of course, we will have to wait until the reopening. "
Mats, aged 22

Passionate storytellers

Seven centuries of art, seven centuries of stories. A tough job. The KMSKA took production company De chinezen & Mojuice in hand to unravel the stories of works of art and reveal them to a broad audience

"I was already aware that the building and the collection of the KMSKA are of world class. But I was really amazed by the wealth of stories behind the works. The KMSKA is a playground for a television producer like me. It is therefore fantastic to be able to share this impressive content with the general public. "
Arnout Hauben, De chinezen

The Finest Partners

Operating a museum costs money. Lots of money. Fortunately, there are also our entrepreneurs and ARTbassadors who support the KMSKA with a heart for culture. Thanks to long-term partnerships, we can achieve our grand ambitions. And so the KMSKA is becoming much more than just a showcase for art.

"Art inspires. From the Flemish Primitives to the modern masters, the KMSKA collection constitutes an impressive heritage that deserves protection and promotion. The masterpieces will shine more than ever in this exceptionally beautifully renovated and expanded museum. Delen Private Bank is committed to art. Beginning in our offices, where art contributes to an environment of trust and peace of mind. But far beyond this as well, we like to spread the love of beauty. The KMSKA has become an inspired ally in this story. "
Filips De Ferm, Delen Private Bank
Activities with partners
Activities with partners

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